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Soufflé aux Épinards

Oh it has been ages.  Most of these ages have been spent grading, but we have taken time to welcome spring.  We went down the coast to Coastanoa , a camping resort about half way between Santa Cruz and Half Moon Bay.  While I have definite thoughts about camping resorts (it seems such an oxymoron to put the two words together), we loved the hiking--including one at dusk--the bar in the evening where we read books, the coast line, and the elephant seals.  In addition to rather pampered camping, we have been working in the garden, including the annual planting of the giant sunflowers with morning glories.  I have run Bay to Breakers (I ran like the wind) and I have begun my training for the half marathon in the fall.  Now I just need to get on top of my reading of Steinbeck, and I am ready for summer to come in full force. Why Steinbeck?  This summer, I am headed off to Steinbeck camp .  That is, three weeks of Steinbeck in Monterey, sponsored by none