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Split Green Pea Soup

Two weekends ago, the husband and I were lucky enough to see a Giants playoff game, and tonight the Giants play the Cardinals.  As many of you know, I am a Cubs fan first and a Giants fan second; however, I am torn.  My grandmother Alice was a White Sox fan and, thus, a Cardinals fan by default, for her allegiance to the South Side of Chicago meant that any affection for that ursine team located in Boys Town was unspeakable.  She actively rooted for any team that played against the Cubs, and given that the Cardinals were their biggest rivals, she became their biggest fan. Alice cooked; she had a huge, fenced-in garden in the backyard with green beans and tomatoes with smooth, glossy skin.  My mother, however, was the first woman I knew who didn't like to cook.  My mother opened boxes, boiled water, poured milk and called it a meal.  Alice, on the other hand, cooked for her Catholic children on no money, no college education, and three husbands who drank too much. G

Breakfast Bomber Sub

Are you hungry?  Because this breakfast bomber will fill you right up. As part of The Super Awesome Cover-to-Cover Challenge (from Bitten Word , a lovely little website where two fabulous writers take it upon themselves to cook from a plethora of cooking magazines each week), I am cooking a rather colossal hero sandwich from The Food Network Magazine .  Our fearless leaders have called upon their readers (that's me! (among many others)) to help them cook every recipe from one of the October food magazines. Part of a presentation from Jeff Mauro , the self-proclaimed Sandwich King, on game-day subs, this bomber combines cream cheese with scrambled eggs and chicken apple sausages.  This makes a fabulous breakfast/brunch on game day, and these days, when you're living in the Bay Area, you need a lot of game day fuel.  (There is a lot of heartbreaking going on, what with the A's and all; however, one needs energy to root on the Giants.) I have a soft spot for the