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Cook Your Books Series for 2018

Whew.  And we're back for round two of my series.  Last year, I proposed to read 15 relatively arbitrarily chosen books on 15 different topics. My theory is that no matter what I choose to read, food will somehow play an important role. Turned out to be true. So I am doing it again.  (And while I am behind in posting, I promise you the four books I still have left over from 2017 actually all have food in them: Ruby, The House of Spirits, The Sympathizer, and Spendthrift--when I post them, I'll link here, but I promise I actually finished the books in 2017; I just haven't done the posting.)  

Ready for my 2018 list?  

1.  A book of letters.
2.  A rewriting of a Shakespeare play.
3.  A post-apocalyptic or dystopian novel.
4.  A book by an author from a country I have not visited. 
5.  A book that is more than 500 pages. 
6.  A book that feature anxiety.
7.  A book written by a woman under 25.
8.  A classic Austen.
9.  A book I always think I have read, but haven't.
10.  A book set …