Why this blog:
This blog came about in January of 2010 because I loved to cook, but I had grown tired of cooking.  So, I began the blog to document the ways I have been re-inspired: I cooked page 210, once a week (day of the week variable), for a year.  Why 210? Because it was the closest I could get to 2010 without having very thick cookbooks.  The next year, I cooked everything in my CSA box from Full Belly Farm and I experienced the heady rush of freedom to cook from whatever page I wanted. 

Why page 215:
To celebrate the 5th birthday of the blog, I am cooking through my cookbooks again in 2015. This time page 215.  The fun is in cooking things that I wouldn't normally cook (chicken giblets, blood sausage, eclairs, and lamb shawarma are on the docket for the coming year--stay tuned!) and going back to some family favorites (including potato pizza and bolognese sauce).

Some highlights include cooking what's in my cookbooks, with lots of nods to the true chefs who came up with these wonderful ideas, eating with the family in a little side project we call "Family Dinner" once a month, and thinking about how food connects to literature (a little addiction I cannot help).

Why this blog name:
The blog has also undergone a little overhaul.  We used to be "cooking inside the box," but there is another lovely blog out there by this name.  Don't be confused.  Everything here is still the same, except now I have a real domain name.  I am all fancy now.  

And I love morsels and sauces. Given the opportunity to graze on canapes, I jump on it. Given a choice of sauces to drizzle atop said canapes, and this is heaven.

Why the photographs:
I am slowly learning to become a better photographer. And lord knows I have a long way to go. However, I am leaving my old photographs from early posts up, in part to honor the journey my cooking and my photography have taken these past five years. So be kind when looking at those early photographs. 

Other information about me
Well, I am a teacher by day, a runner by night (and sometimes very early morning).  I am a Midwesterner by birth, but a Westerner at heart.  I sometimes eat pickles for dinner.