Friday, May 10, 2013

Wellness Cleanse Week 3

Well, then life happened...  

And here's how the Wellness Cleanse went going into week three.  Overall this cleanse was easy-peasy, but the final week of recording was not so easy.  But here are my final notes (minus the last few days...).

Day 15: 
Breakfast:  Everything But the Kitchen Sink Fruit Smoothie (banana, orange, apple, kale, flaxseed, coconut milk, parsley, mint, fennel, celery)
Lunch: Glass noodles with Edamame, handful of goji berries
Snack:  Trail mix
Dinner:  Paparot (Spinach and Polenta Soup)
Workout: 60 minutes bootcamp

Day 16: 
Breakfast: Pear and Grapefruit Smoothie, 2 small tangerines
Lunch:  Mushroom Ragout with brown rice and wild rice
Snack: Raisins
Dinner: Beet salad (with no cheese) at Ben and Nick's, chips and salsa
Workout: none
  • Went out to eat with friends, and I was actually able to find an easy dinner.  But I was still hungry, so I had some chips and salsa (still my favorite meal) at home.
Day 17: 
Breakfast: Smoothie (1 fennel bulb, 3 leaves kale, 1 cup coconut milk, 1 banana, 1/2 mango, 2 tablespoons flax meal)
Lunch:  Apple
Snack: Tomato and White Bean Soup from Market Hall
Dinner: Vegan Phat Thai
Workout: 60 minutes bootcamp

  • I am ready to be done.  I had to ensure that the Phat Thai had no fish sauce, sugar, egg, or shrimp. 
Day 18: 
Breakfast: Smoothie (1 fennel bulb, 3 leaves kale, 1/2 tomato, tangerine, 1/4 cup mango, 1 apple 2 tablespoons chia seeds, almond extract, 1 cup almond  milk)
And then I have notes for nothing.

  • Back to work today after having last week off.  My usual breakfast in the past was yogurt and granola.  The smoothie is simple and really convenient.  
Day 19-21
Oh dear, with going back to work, I couldn't keep track of everything.  But I can tell you by this time in the cleanse, it was just a matter of finishing it up.  Since then, I have kept up the smoothie for breakfast routine (months into it now) for the most part.  This cleanse definitely kick started some better eating habits.  

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